Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm considering doing it! I need some inspiration & encouragement! 

Bucket List

Yes, I have one.
No....not the traditional one you are thinking of.....
I have one of these......
A baby bucket list!
I look at it a lot......I wonder if I'm ready. I wonder if my husband is ready. I wonder if we'll ever REALLY be ready. But, mostly...I PRAY. As a very good friend said "Just start getting on your knees….because the Lord will give you peace. Peace that you are ready, peace to know you will never be FULLY ready to raise another human being….but trusting in Him that He knows your ready, peace followed by being humbled that the Lord feels you're ready, peace that your marriage relationship is ready, peace about money….He will give you this peace that you will know for sure."

Thanks advice ever.

On to the list: (strikethrough = done!)
Graduate with my Master's Degree
Start a workout routine
Licensure exam for counseling
Be married one year
Vacation to celbrate 1 yr of marriage - Vegas?
Increase savings

Extras that I would like to do - but not a biggie:
Feel comfortable in the kitchen
Decrease debt

There you have it - my baby bucket list. What's on yours?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl Stevie!
Hard to believe she is 2 today!

So I know this officially makes me one of "those" people who is CRAZY about their dog - and I'm ok with that! I'm sure once I have kids, everything will be about the kiddo too! Gotta say, Stevie is the best dog E-V-E-R!

She loves her sister Cadence!

She loves her daddy .... and he loves her back!

Yes... she IS a Cowboys fan!

She loves her friends......

Even cats! ( cute of a puppy was she?!)

She loves her mama!

Sometimes she causes trouble..... but how can you punish a kid with that SWEET face???

Happy birthday Stevie!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It happened to me

So.... I'm teaching my course at the junior college this morning, thinking I'm doing a GREAT job with this lecture and then I see this: A student totally asleep during my lecture!! I've struggled to stay awake in class before - especially the early morning ones - so I didn't wake the student up. I just let him miss the info I was giving out! I'm thinking that it was a one time thing.... I did lecture on psychological research (yuck) today, so I'm chalking the sleeping thing up to that.
Hopefully the next lecture will be more exciting!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Girls girls girls

What a fun weekend! Saturday, Tiffany, Kameron & I got manicures and pedicures. It was a nice treat for just us girls! Then we picked up this angel and ate at Chilis and did some shopping!
Here's Tinley at Chilis..... she was so good!
We shopped all afternoon - we hit up Kohl's and this cool little place:

It's in Rockwall by Best Buy and JC Penny- in that shopping center. I'll definitely be going back there!! Way cute work clothes!!!
Oh... and miss T needed these:

Then we picked up the boys and ate at On the Border - it was SO fun! Clint, Kameron, Tiffany, Chris, TC, Mama Kay, Trey & I laughed all night!! We must do this again - soon!
Sunday morning was filled with awesome worship and a great message at church followed up with a cat nap. Then, me, Clint and the Rairdon's went and saw the movie "Season of the Witch" it was good, not what I expected.
Then dinner at King Buffet in Mesquite!! Yummmmmm!
Great weekend!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Top 5 Friday

A few of my favorite things....
1. Carmex chapstick - a must have for me! During the winter/cold months, my lips are so dry and this stuff just feels so good!

2. Tresemme heat protecting leave in conditioner - I spray this stuff on so heavy before I blow dry every morning!! If Stevie is in the bathroom while I'm getting ready, she'll leave sneezing because I spray so much. Amazing stuff!

3. My husband bought me a heated throw blanket for Christmas - I keep it on the couch. I love cuddling under it! And, my mom bought me one for my bed! Major plus - I have one on my bed AND one on the couch - I'm so cold natured, I love love love these!

4. My favorite author is James Patterson - he needs to start writing faster, because I finish his books so fast and then have to wait for his newest to come out!!

5. Last, my very favorite - YouVersion for the iPhone! It has a daily reading plan, I'm currently working on the One Year Bible. It keeps me on track, and I can read straight from my phone. Very cool!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If I only had a brain

I did it! Today was my first day teaching at the local junior college! I'm currently teaching two different sections of an Introduction to Psychology course.
Today we went over the syllabus and did introductions - pretty easy! We'll see how things go once I start doing lectures! Yikes!

As for the cold/flu bug - the hubby and I are feeling much better!! If my registration would just speed along for my licensed professional counselor examination, things would be even better!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Better late than never

I am against making New Year's Resolutions. It seems that I am always setting myself up to fail. So, I didn't make ANY this year! I have a few goals to work on - some are personal, but I think some are worth sharing.

I just finished reading "Radical" by David Platt - AMAZING, challenging book!

Over the next year.... I am accepting the challege to pray for the entire world, to read through the entire Word, to sacrifice my money for a specific purpose, to spend time in another context, and I commit my life to a multiplying community.

This weekend flew by! Saturday, Clint and I did pretty much nothing - we were still recovering from our bad cold (maybe flu? still not sure). Today was a much more productive day - started out at church followed up by a F.I.T. Party! F.I.T. (Faith in Training) is an awesome ministry at my church The Fellowship at First Baptist Royse City. For $15 a month, you can attend as many workout classes as you choose! Monday mornings & evenings, Tuesday mornings & evenings, and Thursday mornings and evenings!! What a bargain! Today we had a party/assessment.

Here are my current stats:
Weight: 130 lbs.
Push ups: Modified, 10
Sit ups in 1 minute: 21
Walk/Jog 1 mile: 14.27 minutes

I am NOT doing this to lose weight - just to be in shape and healthy!

I feel so amazing and encouraged after meeting with my FIT class! We close with prayer requests/praises and a group prayer.

Happy weekend everyone!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Sick time at my house! I woke up Tuesday with a scratchy throat, and my husband said "Yeah, my throat has been scratchy for a few days now." Hellllloooo.. why didn't you tell me that sooner? I would have been scarfing down vitamin C and staying away! I went to work Tuesday, with just an icky feeling. But called in sick and stayed on the couch yesterday. Today, I'm working half a day while Mr. Husband is home sick on the couch.

These have been my lifesavers lately

Stevie enjoyed me being home with her yesterday - this is how we spent the day
Cadence slept on the guest bed all day, I never heard a peep from her. Wishing for restfull sleep and no sniffles! Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My great danes

Thought I would share pictures of my 2 pups.
This is Stevie - she was born January 26, 2009.

This was her first visit to see Dr. Rocky (family friend and vet)

Hard to believe she was this tiny once upon a time! She still thinks she needs to sit in our lap!

This is Cadence - we adopted her last December, she is a sweet rescue who is about 8 or 9 years old

First night that we brought Stevie home - tiny baby girl!


Those are my 2 big pups - sweet dogs, keep me laughing and sometimes feeling kind of crazy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Surprise bday party

Saturday night Clint and I went to his mom's surprise birthday party. His aunt and uncle took her to dinner at Red Lobster while we all decorated the house and waited..... about 45 minutes later, she came home to her birthday surprise! It was a success!
Clint's mom in a walker that his sister decorated

My handsome hubby

Me and my neice Alivia

Clint "took off his thumb" all night - the kids loved his trick and kept asking if he was magic!
It was a fun evening!!

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