Thursday, July 28, 2011

In case you were wondering....

My child will never want to be at my home. I'm an only child...which means that my parents are over-the-top-busting-at-the-seams EXCITED about having a grandbaby.
They live on 4.5 acres of goregous land about 20 minutes away from me and Clint. They already have 3 horses and my mom is now looking for a pony! Yes, a pony. Clint has suggested that the pony is called "the pony with no name" until the baby names it - which could be a while!
My parents also now own a little red wagon - not your everyday little red wagon like I had when growing up... this thing is fancy! It has seat belts and cup holders!!
Mom also got a great deal on a fancy little bouncy-activity seat.
Last weekend, my parents asked if we could come over and help them put up their new pool! They decided it's too HOT in North Texas to not have a pool.
My Dad and Clint setting up the pool

Filling up with water... I was holding the directions and documenting the process :)
Clint jokingly asked where the swingset/jungle gym will be located at - my Dad already has a spot picked out for that too.
I'm not meaning to sound as if I'm picking on my parents - they're wonderful. It's just funny..... my child will never want to leave their house!!
My in-laws are great too by the way... this is their 12th grandbaby, and they are thrilled as well.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This is a big Thankful Thursday post!!
Clint & I are having a BABY!! We couldn't be more thrilled!! I'm 10 weeks today!! My estimated due date is February 16!!

Here's the sonogram from this morning - sweet little arms and legs moving around!!
We are so blessed!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Movie Night

My husband is no longer allowed to get his oil changed at WalMart. While waiting on his oil change, he browsed the aisles and picked up a blue-ray player. Like we really needed that?
I came home from work and the grocery store to find him on the couch with the blue-ray hooked up watching "Saving Private Ryan" as loud as possible with a HUGE grin on his face.
Now, I will admit.. it is pretty cool. We are able to rent Blockbuster New Releases for about $4 directly to our blue-ray!
So, last night I picked Lincoln Lawyer
Very good movie! I highly recommend it!!
What a relaxing, fun Monday evening!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catch Up

I just realized I never posted about our family's 4th of July!
Somehow, I don't have a single picture from that weekend - major fail on my part!
Saturday we took Stevie over to my parents' house to meet their new rescue dog Nelson. He is such a sweet dog - read his story here: Nelson's Story
He and Stevie did great! Nelson was a little freaked out a first - but he and Stevie ended up playing in my parents' huge backyard. I stayed inside.... it was HOT!
Dad cooked - he could be a chef when he grows up! ;) I made banana pudding - I use my bosses' recipe... it's fabulous! I'll do a whole banana pudding post later.
Sunday we went to church and helped a friend put up a trampoline... well, Clint helped put the trampoline together. I stayed inside and chatted with my girlfriend!
Monday was a big day - we bought a new-ish fridge! The previous fridge we owned was given to us by our friends who sold us the house... the icemaker barely worked - and then it died! In Texas, with sweet tea, you gotta have ICE!!! :)
We met up with Tiffany and Kendall for an awesome fireworks show at a local park.
I'm officially finished teaching for the summer - Summer I ended on the 7th... so I can sleep in! My work schedule is typically 10-6, so it's a blessing to sleep till 8 in the morning!
Big news and updates coming next week... stay tuned!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday afternoon randoms

Isn't it amazing how great getting a haircut feels??
I feel like a new woman - and I just got my split ends (yikes! hate those!) trimmed and my roots touched up!
I'm really looking forward to this 4th of July long weekend! Headed over to my parents' house tomorrow night for Stevie (our great dane) to meet Nelson (my dad's rescue dog).  Check out my dad's blog My Life with Nelson
I'll update on Monday to let you know how our doggie date turns out!
Enjoy the 4th!!

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